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They are a team building trainer specialised in gamification learning, Bryan and Johnson deliver more than ordinary team building activities. From new generation outdoor activities to mind blowing indoor experiential learning, and to new age business simulation games, all activities are designed to connect each other while achieving self breakthrough.

Bryan and Johnson further developed and refined their skills as a trainer and facilitator and become certified PSMB trainer. Johnson has gathered a great degree of experience in the field of key account management, event sales and marketing especially in the retail and services industry.

Whereas Bryan has provided critical leadership to teams of people including salespersons, administrative staff, coordinators, facilitators and event crew. He is passionate about the development of young talent from executive to managerial level, sales management and professional management skills.

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Parent Child Bonding Camp

Driven by our motto “Growing Young Minds is Our Passion”, GEM is a child brain enrichment programme developed based on our philosophy of integrating the qualities of heart with the Power of Love.

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Eureka Asiatic Traditional Archery

The Eureka Archery enterprise today payed its way since 2013, then known as Eureka Ideas Solution. Eureka Archery’s mission is to introduce archery by enabling its availability, affordability and accessibility to the general public. ‘Be an archer today!’ significantly became Eureka Archery’s tagline producing 300 new archers annually with continuous training. Eureka Archery is also an affiliated club with certified coaches under the Pertubuhan Pemanah Tradisional Malaysia (PERTAMA) with direct association to the internationally recognised World Horseback Archery Foundation, Korea (WHAF), World Traditional Archery Organisation, Korea (WTAO) and the Historical, Three-dimensional Hunting International Archery Association, Hungary (HTH-IAA).

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Power Humor Presentation Strategies

Monti is a seasoned entertainer, comedian and performer who has performed in front of over a million audiences since 1989. Among the luminaries he had entertained were the late Agong from Kedah, Sultan of Pahang, Prime Ministers, Ministers and dignitaries from all over the world. He has co-written and performed in over 40 comedies as the famous duo ‘Monti and Logi’ and appeared in 6 musicals in both the UK and Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre or KLPAC. In his corporate life, Monti used the power of humour to connect, engage and build relationship with his employees, clients and agents.

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Super Memory for Super Students!

Success Edge was established in 2007 with the vision of promoting lifelong learning. We provide skill enhancement programs in mind skills like memory, speed reading, creative thinking. and various short training in presentation skills, leadership and sales. Success Edge also strives to meet the community demand and is able to customize its courses to indivisual and corporate needs. Success Edge have successfully trained more than 200,000 students and adults in Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Maldives, Indonesia, Brunei and India. Jeyaraman is a think Buzan licensed instructor & NLP Certified trainer. He has trained more than 70,000 people in 8 countries. He has been interviewed on Bernama TV, STAR and other international press. He also presented on TV2 for a motivation program.

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Weekend Art Jamming!

Jervein Chan is a self taught artist that discovered her passion in painting portrait, figurative, floral and ocean views. Her true passion is to help people discover their passion for art and connect creative impulse buried deep within people. Picasso quotes “Every child is an artist, all human is creative by nature”. Veinist Project aims to introduce art making for personal growth, self expression and wellness. Art making can be soothing and stress reducing. It is a source of relaxation, gratification and self expression. Talent is not the key element, the creative process exists within every individual. Jervein would like to help unfold inner creativity and understanding of who we are and enhancing life through self expression.

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1.5 Days Facebook Marketing Training + Data Analytic Course

As the Directors at Webist Solutions, Bryan, Johnson and Chris have immense knowledge and experiences in first-hand digital strategies, online marketing, research marketing and web development. Technology has been growing at a rapid speed and sometimes we are not able to catch up and fully understand and utilize our resources. At Webist Solutions, their main goal is to help and assist businesses to grow, develop and expand by taking advantage of the technology available to us, which is Facebook and Google.

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Basic 2D Autocad

I’m a interior designer, along with my educational background, I have 7 years of working experience in this field.
Autocad is a computer aided software drafting tool. It’s a very easy to use, time saving accurate & hassle free. End of the lesson, you will able to use the right tools for optimal performance.

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