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August 22, 2017
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September – Persuasive Selling Class

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Date and time :

9th September 2017 ( 8.ooam- 12.00pm)

16th September 2017 ( 8.ooam- 12.00pm)

23rd September 2017 ( 8.ooam- 12.00pm)

Class Fees :  RM 350/pax inclusive half and hour consulting via Skype
RM 800 for one to one session inclusive half and hour consulting via Skype


About the class : 

This class would be highly interactive which includes theory , case studies and exploring thoughts of each student. There is no right or wrong answer but thoughts to ponder on and analyzed critically.

Some of the few key topics that would be discussed and debated on :
Here are five persuasive selling arguments that have been field-tested and are based on what decision makers say they need and want:1.  Time. How are you going to save them time? Prospects don’t care if you’re the oldest company in your field. They want to know how your products or services are going to save them time on a daily basis. What would time savings mean to their productivity?2. Money. How are you going to save them money? They don’t care if you’re the largest company around. They want to see results on their bottom line.3.. Sanity. How are you going to save them mental sanity? Your prospects don’t care if you’re the best in your field unless you show them specifically how you can provide effective solutions to existing problems and eliminate a certain amount of stress.

4. Security. How are you going to provide them solvency and security? They don’t care if you have been around for 200 years. Will you be here tomorrow? They need to know that investing in you or partnering with you is a safe decision.

5. Ease of use. How are you going to make things easy? Your prospects don’t care that your product is the hottest with the leading technology. If it’s too complicated to use or takes excessive employee training, they won’t see any advantage in owning it.

What will you learn?
This class would help you to understand how to sell your skills /products persuasively. No one likes pushy sales.

Fees: RM 150

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  • B-1-3A, Kuchai Exchange, Jalan Kuchai Maju 13,
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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About the Instructor:

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Samitaa Sekhon

Track records:

She has 15 years of Regional experience working at various positions  at different Forbes listed companies. She is a MBA graduate from Nottingham University. She always excelled at my workspace and now would like to share real life experiences and how one could create value of their skills and sell them persuasively.